About us

About us

SIDE, which comes from the acronym for Servicio Industrial de Electrónica (Industrial Electronics Service), is an SME with nearly 40 years helping industry to develop their automation projects.
At its inception in 1975 the company focused on creating automation projects for machinery manufacturers, with a strong commitment to quality and innovation, leading to design and develop one of the first national PLC.

To continue with this strategy of innovation, in 1987 it opted to expand the range of products and technologies, creating a department of import and distribution of industrial electronic products, which not only provide new solutions to engineering, but also a geographic jump by creating an entire network of over 35 distributors spreaded throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Building on the knowledge gained in the field of machine manufacturers and in a process of diversification but always around automation, SIDE incorporated in 1992 a new activity, the manufacture of PET preforms stretch blow molding machines, a division differentiated and oriented to the international market.

In 2006 began a gradual generational change in the management of the company with new ideas on improving such as quality assurance, process improvement, increased customer focus and the new corporate image.

A whole range of improvements designed to meet the demands of our customers, while keeping the mission and vision of unchangeable SIDE, pillars of our position and why our company has been a leader in the industry: to make things well made and always next to our customers.